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Francesco CONTINI
Correggio, 27/05/1965
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Istituto di ricerca sui sistemi giudiziari (IRSIG)
Francesco Contini Aracne editrice

Francesco Contini is a senior researcher at the Research Institute on Judicial System of the National Research Council of Italy (www.irsig.cnr.it), where he coordinates the research area « Quality and assessment of justice systems ». He studies the institutional transformations of European judiciaries with focuses on case management, performance evaluation and e–justice. He is principal investigator of the research project « Handle with Care: assessing and designing methods for evaluation and development of the quality of justice » co–financed by the EC. Francesco has written various articles and books on such topics, among which « Judicial Evaluation » with Richard Mohr (VDM 2008), “ICT and innovation in the public sector” (Palgrave 2009) and « The Circulation of Agency in e–Justice » (Springer 2014) both edited with Giovan Francesco Lanzara. He has collaborated with international organizations in judicial reform programs in Europe, Africa, and Asia and contributed to the drafting of the UNODC « Resource Guide on Strengthening Judicial Integrity and Capacity ». Selected publications are available at https://cnr–it.academia. edu/FrancescoContini.
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