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Lucrezia CILENTI
San Giovanni Rotondo, 25/12/1972
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Istituto di scienze marine (ISMAR)
Sezione di Ecosistemi Costieri - Lesina
Lucrezia Cilenti Aracne editrice

Lucrezia Cilenti, marine biogist and researcher at CNR, conducts research in applied ecology and sustainable aquaculture with an inter-disciplinary approach. The topic of her PhD thesis was on the use of benthic indicator organisms for choosing the site of a carpet clam (Tapes decussatus) farm in a location where the species was beforehand absent. This developed into successful commercial carpet clam on-growing in Varano lagoon (S. Italy) thus validating the methodological approach. She has been working with P. Breber since 1999.
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