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Claudia MANINI

Claudia Manini Aracne editrice

Claudia Manini was born in Italy on June 25, 1965. She received the degree in Medicine and Surgery (1990), the post–graduated degree in Anatomic Pathology (1994) and the master degree in Cytopathology of population’s screenings (2005) from the University of Turin, Italy. She was visiting pathologist at Fundacio Puigvert (Barcelona, Spain) and Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD, USA). She works full–time as pathologist in the public healthcare system from 1993 and she has currently a high level position in the Department of Pathology at San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin with responsibility in neuropathology. She is member of the regional board of neuropathologists and she is the coordinator of a multidisciplinary team involved in the diagnosis and therapy of tumors of the central nervous system. She has published scientific papers on international indexed medical journalsmainly in the field of surgical pathology.
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