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Francesco GARRAFFO
Catania, 16/04/1967

Francesco Garraffo Aracne editrice

Francesco Garraffo Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Business Economics & Management at the Department of Economics & Management - University of Catania - Italy. Since 1999 to 2009 has been Visiting Professor at the Department of Management - Warrington College of Business Administration - University of Florida - carrying out research on competitive strategy and entrepreneurship. Moreover, he taught Strategic Management, Global Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior for the Master Programs of the Hough Graduate School of Business Administration at the Warrington College of Business Administration - University of Florida. His research is focused on competitive strategy related to technological innovation, coopetitive strategies, habitual entrepreneurship, and cooperative strategies in the bio-tech industry. He is author or co-author of several books and articles published in national and international journals and papers presented in national and international conferences.
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