Andrea CAITI
Università di Pisa
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione
Andrea Caiti Aracne editrice

Andrea Caiti was born in Naples in 1963. He obtained the Master Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Genova in 1988. Since 2007 he is Full Professor of Automatica (Systems and Control) at the University of Pisa, Italy. Before, he has been a staff Scientist at the NATO SACLANT Undersea Res. Ctr. (currently CMRE), La Spezia, Italy (1989-94),Adjunct Professor at the University of Genova (1995-96), Assistant Professor at the University of Pisa (1996-98) and Associate professor at the Universities of Siena (1998-01) and Pisa (2001-07). He teaches the courses of Automatic Control, System Identification, Underwater Systems.
In the period 2001-08 he has been Director of the Italian Interuniversity Research Centre on Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment (ISME).
Since 2008 he is the coordinator of the Ph.D. Programme in Automation Robotics and Bioengineering of the University of Pisa.
His scientific interests are in the field of marine robotics and underwater acoustics, identification and estimation of nonlinear systems, system theory. He is/has been responsible of several research projects funded by the European Union or by National Agencies. He has edited 4 research books, and he has published more than 50 refereed papers in international journals or as book chapters, and more than 100 papers in conference proceedings.
He is Senior Member of IEEE, participating in the Control System and Oceanic Engineering Societies.
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