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Lisbona, 06/06/1966

Eduardo José Marcos Camilo Aracne editrice

Eduardo Camilo is Professor of Semiotics, Advertising and Strategic Communication at the Department of Communication and Arts, University of Beira Interior, Portugal. He graduated in Communication Studies from the University Nova de Lisboa and holds a PHD and Habilitation in Communication Studies from University da Beira Interior. He was a visiting Professor at the University Federal da Bahía, Brazil (FACOM). His key research focuses the semiotic and discourse analysis of political (party corporations), corporate (PR strategies) and commercial (advertising strategies) messages. For his PHD dissertation he studied the post–revolutionary Portuguese Parties discourses broadcasted by posters (1974-1975) in which he intended to outline the emergent political rhetoric of that historical period (O cartaz partidário em Portugal (1974-1975). Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, 2004).
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