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Alexander Y. YOSIFOV
Shumen, 29/03/1994

Alexander Y. Yosifov Aracne editrice

Alexander Y. Yosifov was born on March 29, 1994 in Shumen, Bulgaria.
His interests are in theoretical physics – quantum aspects of black holesand inflationary cosmology, in particular.
The research he has conducted on black holes has been focused on theso-called information paradox. More precisely, he has worked on developingmodels for extraction of quantum information from black holes. Furthermore,he has been interested in scenarios for deriving the Hawking radiationspectrum from metric fluctuations of the global horizon. The particularhorizon fluctuations, which have been argued to arise in a complete theoryof quantum gravity, modify the local quantum field theory and lead tonon-violent unitary evaporation.
His work in theoretical cosmology has been concentrated on alternativesolutions to the fundamental problems in cosmology – flatness problem,horizon problem, and the magnetic monopoles problem. He addresses thecosmological problems by introducing a quasi-stable tachyon field in theearly universe, which has been predicted by certain Grand Unified Theories.
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