Jacqueline KIRK
Shaunavon, 07/02/1964
Brandon University
Department of Leadership and Educational Administration
Jacqueline Kirk Aracne editrice

Jacqueline Kirk is a professional teacher, an enthusiastic learner, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership and Educational Administration at Brandon University. Her study of Educational Administration is driven by an intense obsession with understanding what brings people together to create positive change within organizations. Her background in the field of education includes experiences in both rural and urban schools and in both public and private school systems. Her primary and secondary teaching opportunities include a variety of positions ranging from Kindergarten, to middle school language arts, to senior high school computer science. Before pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Administration she worked as a high school principal and as an educational consultant assisting schools with capacity building and technology integration. Jackie is passionate about helping students to explore their boundaries and to develop a greater understanding of their personal identities using the content as a medium.
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