Albizzate, 14/10/1944
Università degli Studi di Milano
Dipartimento di Chimica Strutturale e Stereochimica Inorganica
Angelo Gavezzotti Aracne editrice

Angelo Gavezzotti is Co–Editor, “Acta Crystallographica” (1988-1991); director of the department of Structural Chemistry, University of Milano (1997–1999); member of the Editorial Board of “CrystEngComm”, Royal Society of Chemistry (2005–2008); member of the Coordination Committee of the European Science Foundation Network on crystal polymorphism, 2001-2002; Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK; Trueblood award for exceptional achievement in computational or chemical crystallography, The American Crystallographic Association, 2007; visiting professor at the University of Nancy (France), 2009. His research field is the theoretical investigation of cohesion forces in organic matter. He has published force fields and methods for the static and dynamic simulation of intermolecular interactions and for polymorph prediction, included in well recognized and widely distributed computer software packages. He is the author of about 150 full papers in major refereed journals, being usually the corresponding author and mostly the only author (the overall average is of 2.2 authors/paper). He is also author or co–author of a large number of contributions in minor journals and conference proceedings. In a 2002 ISI survey he ranked among the 0.1% most cited authors in the chemical literature. He has given a large number of invited seminars, lectures, keynote lectures, in major international events and in major chemical companies. He is presently continuing research activity as a guest of the department of Chemistry of the University of Milano. He is also associated as an external expert with PolyCrystalLine (
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