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Alexiei DINGLI
Valetta, 29/12/1979
University of Malta
Alexiei Dingli Aracne editrice

Alexiei Dingli started his studies at the Pillar Primary School in Valletta and after successfully passing an entry exam; he continued his formation (primary, secondary and post-secondary) at De La Salle College. After completing his Matriculation Examinations and obtaining the highest grade possible, he read a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (B.Sc. IT Hons) within the University of Malta where he obtained a First Class degree.Immediately after, he decided to continue his studies at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. To earn a living, he found a job as a researcher within the same University. He spent slightly less than three years and while there, he pursued in a record time, a Doctorate (Ph.D) in Computer Science. His work was praised by international Professors and it was awarded a World Class status. It was also published in books, journals and in some of the most prominent conferences on the subject. Upon his return to Malta , he started working as a Senior Manager with the Employment and Training Corporation ( Malta ’s Public Employment Service) where he stayed for almost four years. With the opening of the new Faculty of ICT in 2007, he moved over to the Department of Artificial Intelligence where he holds the position of Lecturer. Apart from this, he also works as a Lecturer with the University of London which is represented in Malta by the St Martins Institute of IT. In these past years, he also managed to obtain a Masters in Business Administration with specialisation in Technology Management from the Grenoble Business School in France where he graduated with distinction.He has been working in the Nationalist Party for these past sixteen years. When he was just eleven year old, he started volunteering in the various organisations of the Party. At the age of fifteen, he was elected for the first time in the PN sectional committee in Valletta where he took care of the Youth section. On his return from the UK , he once again offered his services to the committee where he was elected as vice president and after a few months as President of the PN Valletta sectional committee. In 2005, he contested the Valletta Local Council elections where he was elected as a councillor of the city. In his portfolio, one finds youth, education, the social aspect and work. In these past years as a councillor, he coordinated a large number of projects, the biggest amongst these being the setting up and coordination of the Valletta Community Network (the network of organisations working in Valletta in the social dimension). The project served as a catalyst to speed up the creation, by central government, of the first community centre in Valletta .He is a hardworking young man always ready to help others; he is a very dynamic person and full of energy. He believes that his country offered him a lot; free educational and health services of the highest quality and an environment rich in fundamental values which made him what he is today. This formation was crucial for him since it opened a myriad of opportunities abroad. Opportunities which he took, and managed to make a success out of them! Now, he believes that the time has come for him to offer his service to the nation. His believes are targeted at achieving the common good and directed by Christian-Democratic principles and values.He interested in anything related to Artificial Intelligence, Ambient Assisted Living, Mobile Technologies, User Experience, the WWW and Digital Games Development.
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