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Ahmed Farag ALI

Ahmed Farag Ali Aracne editrice

Ahmed Farag Ali, got his PhD in 2012 from University of Lethbridge, Canada and got in 2007 the ICTP Diploma from Abdus Salam International Center for theoretical physics, Trieste, Italy. Got B.Sc from Benha University, Egypt. Currently, he is on leave from Benha University and is a visiting assistant professor at Florida State University.
His research area is Theoretical/Mathematical Physics and in particular Gravitational Physics. More specifically, he is interested in open problems in Black Holes, Cosmology, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Gravity Phenomenology and String Phenomenology. The primary goal of his current research is to try to extract potential experimental or observational signatures from various approaches to Quantum Gravity. Some of his papers have been cited in NATURE JOURNAL: (Nature Phys. 8 (2012) 393-397 ) and in(Nature Phys. 9 (2013) 71-73)confirming that our theoretical predictions can be measured using quantum optics techniques and gravitational waves techniques which is considered as a milestone in the research of quantum gravity phenomenology. Besides, he is interested in approaches which may resolve singularities in general theory of relativity. He has constructed a model which introduces a resolution for big bang singularity. In addition to that, he is interested in string phenomenology especially the flux Compactification and seeking for appropriate dS string vacua. Besides, he is interested in studying inflation in the context of string theory.
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