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Montfort Chukwuemeka OKANWIKPO
Orlu, 08/12/1957

Montfort Chukwuemeka Okanwikpo Aracne editrice

Rev. Fr. Dr. Montfort Okanwikpo Okaa was born on 08.12.1957 on the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception in Orlu, Nigeria to Louis and Cecilia Okanwikpo Okaa. From early childhood he lived and spread the prayer and devotion of the Two Hearts of Love of Jesus and Mary. 1983 he was ordained as priest of the Catholic Church and he established the Society of the Two Hearts of Love of Jesus and Mary (SHL). He was sent for his doctoral studies to Germany from there the devotion was spread to various countries in Europe. Now the Catholic Society of the Two Hearts of Love has priests, who are incardinated in the Diocese of Ilorin, religious brothers and sisters and layapostles from Nigeria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Tschec Repubilc and members from all over the world.
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