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Tomasz MALEC
Tichy, 24/01/1976
İstanbul Kemerburgaz University
Engineering Architecture
Tomasz Malec Aracne editrice

Tomasz E. Malec – researcher, designer, lecturer – is Assistant Professor. In the years 2001-2003 he conducted research both on ideas of urban development and social architecture in Poland. Main aim of this research was finding possibilities for development of new model of modern social architecture in Poland after economical changes in the late 90th. Taking into consideration both social and economical factors, he made research on real estate market in Poland. The aim of the research was to recognize main factors influencing very changeable situation on this market in Poland. Creating new rudiments in 2004 of real estate market segmentation he started to include to my research, in more wide way, also legal and political factors. The effect of the research, described in articles, was based on finding relations between different determinants which were continuously influencing development of Polish real estate market both in positive and negative way. Making research on the urban space, he took into account also quality of the space in terms of both advanced, and basical human needs. The result the theoretical and practical research based in the beginning on meaning of green terrains in the cities was finding new possibilities for improvement of the quality of urban space thanks to new models of green areas, including green walls. Since 2012, the next step of qualititive research was focused on meaning of the cultural conditions in urban space, in the past and nowadays. For this research he took into consideration, above all, historical Jewish architecture and urbanism of Casimir in Cracow in terms of relation between both tangible and intangible factors and external conditions influencing development of urban space. Chosen results of this research based on relations between culture and architecture were described in scientific articles.
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