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Véronique PLESCH
Buenos Aires, 25/12/1957
Colby College
Department of Art
Véronique Plesch Aracne editrice

Véronique Plesch is Professor of Art History at Colby College, in Waterville, Maine (USA). Born in Argentina and raised in Switzerland, she holds advanced degrees from the University of Geneva in Art History and Medieval French Literature and from Princeton University, where she received her Ph.D. in Art History in 1994, the year she joined Colby faculty. Plesch is the author of Illuminating Words: The Artist’s Books of Christopher Gausby (Smith College Museum of Art, 1999); Le Christ peint: Le cycle de la Passion dans les chapelles peintes du XVe siècle dans les Etats de Savoie (Société Savoisienne d’Histoire et d’Archéologie, 2004); and Painter and Priest: Giovanni Canavesio’s Visual Rhetoric and the Passion Cycle at La Brigue (University of Notre Dame Press, 2006), which received a College Art Association’s Millard Meiss Publication Fund award. She also co-edited (with Kathleen Ashley) The Cultural Processes of Appropriation (special issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 2002); (with Claus Clüver and Leo Hoek) Orientations: Space/Time/Image/Word (Rodopi, 2005); (with Catriona MacLeod and Charlotte Schoell-Glass) Elective Affinities: Test­ing Word and Image Relationships (Rodopi, 2009); (with Catriona MacLeod and Jan Baetens) Efficacité/Efficacy: How To Do Things With Words and Images? (Rodopi, 2011); and (with Claus Clüver and Matthijs Engelberts) the forthcoming The Imaginary: Word and Image/L’Imaginaire: texte et image (Rodopi). In addition to these books, she has published over forty articles in Europe and the U.S. in French, Italian, and English, on subjects ranging from late medieval and Renaissance iconography to Alpine art, and from Passion plays to early modern graffiti, with forays into contemporary art, and she has curated several exhibitions, for instance on medieval liturgical objects and on Grand Tour souvenirs. Prof. Plesch is the current President of the International Association of Word and Image Studies.
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