Andrew DAVIS
Belmont University
Department of Philosophy
Andrew Davis Aracne editrice

Dr. Andy Davis is assistant professor of philosophy at Belmont University. He reads and works in several areas: Hegel and Modern Philosophy, Poetry and Poetics (Ancient and Modern), Ancient Greek Philosophy and Literature (esp. Plato, Aristotle and Homer) and Eastern Philosophy (esp. Buddhism). As a teacher, he enjoys engaging perennial questions with any books that recommend themselves as good for discussion, regardless of discipline.Dr. Davis prefers teaching in a seminar style with the belief that learning seems to develop as we risk our own ideas regularly in a supportive, critical community. Dr. Davis is currently translating some works by Goethe and a lecture course by Nietzsche. Dr. Davis publishes mostly on Hegel's metaphysics and is currently working on a book project that explores Hegel's ontology.
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