Loyola University Chicago
Department of Philosophy
Ardis B. Collins Aracne editrice

Ardis B. Collins holds the rank of Professor in the Philosophy Department of Loyola University Chicago. She received her Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Toronto in 1968, after teaching for two years at St. Mary’s College (Notre Dame, Indiana). In 1968, she joined the faculty of Loyola University Chicago, and has continued as a member of its Philosophy Department ever since. She regularly teaches courses in social and political philosophy for beginning undergraduates, courses in early modern philosophy, Hegel’s social philosophy, Phenomenology, and philosophy of religion, for undergraduate majors, and courses on Hegel’s Phenomenology for graduate students. From time to time, she teaches courses in medieval thought, especially Thomas Aquinas, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Collins has served in various administrative and representative posts at Loyola University including the following: Director of Undergraduate Majors; Director of Graduate Philosophy; Philosophy representative on the Academic Council of the College of Arts and Sciences; Ph.D. Council representative on the Graduate Studies Coordinating Board; two Search Committees, one for Dean of the Graduate School, one for Director of the Rome Center.
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