Marie-Therese MÄDER
Universität Zürich
Zentrum für Religion, Wirtschaft und Politik
Marie-Therese Mäder Aracne editrice

Marie-Therese Mäder studied philosophy, film, and religion at the university of Zürich where she earned a PhD in the study of religion. Her particular interest is located in the field of media and religion where she has published several articles and books. Her current research focuses on (self-)representation strategies of religious communities in documentary media supported by the Bayerische Gleichstellungsförderung based at Ludwigs Maximillians Universität in Munich. She teaches at the Centre for Religion, Economy and Politics at the University of Zurich about religion in the public sphere and she is also a lecturer for media ethics at the university for applied science in Chur and Bern/Switzerland. Since 2006 she has been a member of the research group Media and Religion. She is a member of the editorial boards of «JRFM» and of the book series “Religion, Film und Medien” (Schüren, Marburg) and “Media and Religion” (Nomos, Baden-Baden).
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