Nicoletta BRESSAN
Università degli Studi di Trento
Nicoletta Bressan Aracne editrice

In 2002, Nicoletta Bressan graduated in Sociology fom the University of Trento. In 2003 she earned her master’s degree in Criminology at UNICRI (Turin) and in 2013 she was awarded a PhD in Social Sciences (University of Trento) with a thesis focusing on the Chinese food and beverage industry in the province of Milan and the porphyry district in the province of Trento. In 2014 she founded a company, CIT NETWORK,focused on facilitating economic trade between Italy, China and Asian countries, including Italian business investments, exchanges and activities in China and other Asian countries as well as Asian business people looking for opportunities in Italy. CIT NETWORK also aims to offer high-level training courses and to support research endeavors dealing with all sectors of corporate, economic and socio-cultural interests.
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