Antón M. PAZOS

Antón M. Pazos Aracne editrice

Antón M. Pazos is Vice-director and Senior Research Scientist at the Instituto de Estudios Gallegos 'Padre Sarmiento' (CSIC), President of the Commission Internationale d’Histoire et d’Études du Christianisme (CIHEC). He has coordinated research projects on pilgrimages like DICAM (Historical Dictionary about the Way of St James in Galicia) and 'Women Pilgrims', and is the organizer of the International Colloquia Compostela on pilgrimages. He works particularly on the contemporary religious history of Spain. He was Director of the journal 'Hispania Sacra', co-editor of the 'Archivo Gomá' -13 volumes documenting the Spanish Primate during the Spanish Civil War- and has directed more than a dozen doctoral dissertations and research projects.
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