The Young Foundation
Stuart Thomason Aracne editrice

Stuart is a programme Leader working on Social Venture Support. He currently leads the design and delivery of the Accelerator programme and the European incubator initiative ‘EU Transition’He is also a social entrepreneur, community trainer and self-professed business modelling geek. He set up his first social business at the age of 22 and currently is the director of two others – the architecture practice Studio Polpo and social innovation consultancy Inside Innovation.Stuart joined the Young Foundation to lead the £1m Youth of Today Youth Leadership fund, which supported 37 youth sector organisations to develop their volunteering initiatives.Prior to working at the Young Foundation, Stuart was based at UnLtd (The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs) where he spent 4 years coaching and mentoring hundreds of individuals who have set up a range of innovative social enterprises and charities. He has worked across the full range of UnLtd’s funding programmes and spent 1 year developing and securing £6m funding for UnLtd’s range of national youth programmes.
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