Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Sede di Milano
Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche
Nicola Palmarini Aracne editrice

After a degree in Political Sciences at UniCattolica/Milano and a SQ in Mass Communication&Society at the UoW in Seattle, I worked for more than 10 years in advertising agencies. I am an expert on innovative products and services via digital channels. While I was creative director in McCann-Erickson Interactive, I led the 1997 launch of Telecom Italia Internet Brand ( and curated the Microsoft off/on-line communication activities. I joined IBM in 2000, where I developed my customer relation skills on cross-media and user interaction. After several business roles, in the last years I have been the head of the IBM Italy Communication Center of Excellence and Manager of Social Digital Marketing & Brand Systems Italy. I led a team of 9 people and I was responsible of the IBM Italy social and digital communication strategies, I dealt with media, journalists, advertising and pr agencies, influencers, content makers. I worked everyday to invent innovative way to extract marketing and communication meaningful interactions and insights from big data and emerging technologies. I am an expert of media interaction with a deep knowledge of the social media marketing paradigms helping customers in their digital transformation journey. In the meantime as Director of Human Centric Solution Center Europe I have had eight years of experience in applying emerging technologies in a meaningful way to targets as aging population and persons with disabilities. I am an expert of mobile applications and I have been smarter city subject matter expert. I have a deep experience of Ambient Assisted Living techs and the Internet of Things. I also represented IBM on several GOV and NGO tables. I teach, write books and articles and deal with CxO board members. I am deeply involved in the sharing economy paradigms and I personally launched and led a crowdfunding project. Today I am working in the banking and finance industry to design innovative services based on the social media paradigm.
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