Dimitri GINEV
Sofia University "St. Kllment Ohrldski"
Dimitri Ginev Aracne editrice

Dimitri Ginev is currently Professor of Philosophy of Science and Hermeneutics at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He obtained his MA in History of Art and Linguistic Philosophy in 1980 and his PhD on a hermeneutic construal of Kuhn’s notion of paradigm in 1983 at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.The starting point of his search for a philosophy of science based on interplay between hermeneutics and epistemology was his attempt in 1980s to recast several ideas of the Erlangen-Konstanz school about the practical generation of epistemological norms into hermeneutic terms. This work won him a Visiting Research Fellowship to the Center for Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh, where he articulated for the first time his program of “hermeneutic realism”, according to which scientific research (as a “practical mode of being-in-the-world”) is predicated on the dynamic configurations of such routine practices as: constructing instruments, designing and repeating experiments, preparing reports on observations, applying formal techniques for a graphical description, constructing systems of differential equations, calibrating instruments, controlling experimental systems, etc. Prof Ginev’s program of hermeneutic realism thus provides a new critique of scientism, which is the view that science is best understood in terms of its current fixed state. The hermeneutic realist furthermore defends the cognitive autonomy of science in terms of the interpretative openness of everyday scientific research, and argues that scientific research has intrinsic resources allowing it to overcome an externally imposed view of the scientific enterprise as guided exclusively by an instrumental form of rationality.Dimitri Ginev is internationally recognized continental philosopher of science. He has published 14 books, edited or co-edited 7 volumes, and published 100 journal articles in Western European languages. He has, in addition, published more than 150 books and articles in Slavic languages.
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