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Lucrezia Palummo Aracne editrice

Lucrezia Palummo graduated in Physics (Astrophysics), at Roma “La Sapienza” University and obtained the Ph.D. in “Material Science” at Roma “La Sapienza” University. She received MSc Master’s Degree (M.Eng II level), “Advanced Navigation and Communication Satellite Systems” at Roma Tor Vergata University.
At University she have taken part in defining and conducting various research topics (Particle Physics, Cosmic Ray, Material Science, Gas Sensors and IR Revelators), preparing and performing laboratory measurements, and data analysis. She participated to various Scientific Missions. Moreover she is author of twenty scientific papers related to Astrophysics, Material sciences and Particle Physics.She was involved in teaching and lecturing experience as assistant for course for Laboratory of Physics for Biologists, as adjunct professor for the course of Physics for Natural and Environmental Sciences, assistant for the course “Introduction to experimental measure “Cellular and Molecular Biology, as Professor for High School courses in Mathematics and Physics. Teacher for training courses of Dependability for the master’s degree in “Advanced Navigation and Communication Satellite Systems” at “University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and for INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica).
In the Industrial field she held various position, as System Engineer, involved in Satellite Programs (Alphasat TDP#5, Galileo and Eutelsat/SNCF Program); as Product Assurance Manager related to EOST46 HD/SP program for AW139 and CH47 Avionic Systems; as Integrated Logistic Support Engineer many technical areas in the fields of Engineering Logistics for Defence Sector.
At present she is Responsible for Technical Area of RAMS Analysis at ASTER-TE. Moreover, as Consultant, she is RAMS Manager at Telespazio for various Space Projects related to Ground Segment: GÖKTÜRK, COSMO SECOND GENERATION, PRISMA, OPTSAT-3000, SENECA, CKS-MCO, CDS V3, MEDIASET, SKY.
Member of AFCEA Rome Chapter:

– At Large Member of the Steering Committee 2014
– Adjunct member of Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS) 2013

Member of Working Group for the Software Reliability of AICQ
Author of twenty scientific papers related to material sciences and particle physics. More relevant:

– “Analysis of the electrical characteristic of linseed oil films exposed to humidity”, L. Palummo, A. Bearzotti, Applied Physics A DOI 10.1007/s00339-009-5327-7 (2009)
– “Long-term environmental effects on the ARGO-YBJ RPC array studied with the Detector Control Sistem”, P. Camarri, R. Caedarelli, L. Palummo, C. Vigorito, on behalf of the Argo-YBJ Collaboration30th International Cosmic Ray Conference (2007)
– “ATLAS RPC performance on a dedicated cosmic ray test-stand”, B. Liberti, G. Aielli; P. Camarri; R. Cardarelli; M. Corradi; A. Di Ciaccio; L. Di Stante; L. Palummo; E. Pastori; A. Salamon; R. Santonico; E. Solfaroli; Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 177-178, (2007) 307–309
– “Relative humidity effects on the surface electrical properties of resistive plate chamber melaminic laminates uncoated and coated with polymerized linseed oil film.”, Bearzotti, L. Palummo, Journal of Applied Physics 102, 064911 (2007)
– “Fluoride production in RPCs operated with F-compound gases.”, G. Aielli, P. Camarri, R. Cardarelli, A. Di Ciaccio, A. Di Simone, B. Liberti, L. Palummo, R.Santonico. Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl.158, (2006) 143-148
– “X-rays and electrical characterizations of ordered mesostructurated silica thin films used as sensing membranes”, J. Mio Bertolo, A. Bearzotti, A. Generosi, L. Palummo, V. Rossi Albertini, Sensors and Actuators B 111-112 (2005) 145-149
– “Resistive type sensor for Humidity and and short alcohols detection”, L. Palummo, I. Fratoddi, M.V. Russo, A. Bearzotti. Sensor Letters, Vol. 2, no. 3-4, (2004) 205-210
– “Higly ethynylated polymers: synthesis and apllicatios in humidity sensors”, Bearzotti, A. Furlani, I.Fratoddi, C. Lo Sterzo, L. Palummo, S. Petrocco, M.V. Russo. Sensors and Actuators B 76 (2001) 316-321
– “A ground-based experiment for CMBR anisotropy observations: MITO”, M. De Petris, G. Mainella, A. Nerozzi, P. de Bernardis, G. Garavini, S. Granata, G. Guarini, S. Masi, B. Melchiorri, F. Melchiorri, S. Nobili, A. Orlando, L. Palummo
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