Wolf Mangelsdorf
BuroHappold Engineering
Structural Engineering

Wolf graduated from Karlsruhe University with a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, where he also worked for an architectural practice after his graduation. He then undertook a research stay at Kyoto University, before moving to Britain in 1997. He joined BuroHappold in 2002 and has since been made a partner in the firm. He leads our Building Fabric discipline group and heads up our Structural Engineering service where he has worked on some of our more iconic structures.
His broad experience and understanding of the collaboration between engineer and architect is a signature trait of BuroHappold. Wolf applies creative thought to find innovative solutions to challenges presented to us, endorsing our holistic approach to engineering time and time again. This attitude has led to the development of spectacular projects like the Glasgow Museum of Transport and the roof to the Médiacité Retail Centre in Liege, Belgium.
He also teaches at the AA in Diploma School and has been a guest lecturer and tutor at a number of universities internationally. He speaks English, Italian, French as well as his native German and is actively involved in many international projects.
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