Elena Madalina IORGA
Curtea de Arges, 15-12-1986

Elena Madalina Iorga Aracne editrice

Elena Mădălina Iorga is a Doctoral Researcher in Communication Sciences within The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA). Her research proposal addresses the role of reflective function in communicating emotions and developing efficient interpersonal relationships in the case of graduate students, from a multicultural perspective. As a member of the Social Cognition and Communication of Emotions Lab, Center for Research in Communication, Mădălina conducted a series of studies in the area of affective science (emotional labor, positive/negative affectivity, nonverbal sensitivity), but not limited to this). Due to her academic concerns, she is proficient in research design and methodology. In addition to the competences regarding the quantitative data analysis (using sociological and psychological testing instruments), Mădălina also has prior experience in using qualitative inquiries
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