Bucarest, 01-01-1972

Dan Florin Stănescu Aracne editrice

Associate professor, Head of the Communication Department within the College of Communication and Public Relations, coordinator of the Social Cognition and Communication of Emotions Lab, Center for Research in Communication (SNSPA). Holding a PhD in Psychology at the University of Hamburg since 2006, Dan is currently teaching the following courses: “Strategic HRM. Organizational change”, “Organizational health” and “Organizational counseling” at the Managerial Communication and HR, respectively Brand management and corporate communication master degree programs at SNSPA and “Training, mentoring and coaching” at the “Occupational health and organizational performance” master degree program at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. His research interests mainly refer to human resources development, emotions, organizational psychology, lifelong learning and clinical psychology.
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