Eloise TAN

Eloise Tan Aracne editrice

Dr. Eloise Tan is Educational Developer at the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Ireland. Specifically her work involves researching international and national practice in professional development frameworks to inform a national professional development framework in teaching and learning in higher education. She obtained her PhD from the School of Education, McGill University. She co-edited The Dynamic Curriculum: Shared experiences of ongoing curriculum change with Dr. Jean Hughes and co-authored the report Voices of Academics in Ireland. Her research interests are identity and the internationalisation of higher education and she has published in various journals such as Intercultural Education. She was awarded the David Bateson Best New Scholar in Qualitative Research by the Canadian Educational Research Association. Eloise has a strong interest in community education and serves on the Board of Directors for CAFTA in Ballymun. She is currently working on a 3U Teaching and Learning grant looking at the experiences of assessment in international students in Ireland and Bahrain.
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