Maria Luisa MARTINO
Napoli, 04-09-1984
Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”
Centro di Ateneo SInAPSi
Maria Luisa Martino Aracne editrice

Maria Luisa Martino, PhD at the Department of Humanistic Studies, Federico II University, Naples, Italy. She is Researcher of the European INSTALL Project “Innovative Solutions to Aquire Learning to Learn”. Her research interests are: the psychological research-intervention in public institutions, as hospitals and universities, with particular regard to the use and evaluation of different and innovative narrative devices as tools to promote well-being. She wrote international articles and partecipates in national and international conferences. She is a member of: AIP (Italian Psychology Association); SIPSA (Italian Society of Health Psychology) and SIPO (Italian Society of Psycho-Oncology). She is an ad hoc reviewer for the international journals: “Transactions on Psychology”, “International Journal of Psychological Studies and Psychological Trauma: Theory, Rserach, Practice and Police”. During the year 2014, she is a co-author of the chapters: Narrative learning for non-traditional students: a Model for Intervention in Higher Education. In L. Formenti, L. West & M. Horsdal (EDS) Embodied Narratives. Connecting Stories, Bodies, Cultures and Ecologies, Southern Denmark: University Press.
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