Royal Holloway University of London
Department of History
Andrea Mammone Aracne editrice

Andrea Mammone is a historian of modern Europe. His main research interests include post-war and recent European far right parties, interwar fascism, and wider work on Italian history, politics and society. He has published extensively on such themes, and regularly contributes to the media and press.
He has completed a monograph to be published with Cambridge University Press, entitled Transnational Neofascism in France and Italy which highlights the patterns of extreme-right transfer of cultures, personnel and strategies from 1945 to the present day. He recently co-edited two journal issues (Journal of Contemporary European Studies) and two volumes (Routledge) mapping the extreme right in contemporary Europe.
He also writes on modern Italy in a more general context, including a special issue of the “Journal of Modern Italian Studies” and the recent best-selling volume Italy Today. The Sick Man of Europe (Routledge). Andrea has also worked on Italy’s public memory, and is writing a short non-fiction book in Italian on Calabria. This represents a sort of personal journey and (intellectual, historical and political) observation of this Italian region and its people.
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