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Mike Johnson Aracne editrice

Mike Johnson studied psychology and education at Manchester University before teaching in primary schools for five years. He then took up a lectureship in Primary Education at the Didsbury College of Education, now Manchester Metropolitan University. During this time he was awarded a Master's degree in Educational Research. He then took a second Master's degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Wales, Swansea, the UK qualification for professional educational psychologists. Having practiced in Newham, East London and Cardiff in Wales he returned to Manchester Met Centre for Special Educational Needs later becoming a Principal Lecturer and Head of the Centre. He has held appointments as External Examiner at the University of Edinburgh, Trinity College, Dublin and Kingston University, London where he later tutored on their overseas Master's course.Always a confirmed European he co-ordinated ERASMUS student exchange projects for both primary and early years students and was awarded TEMPUS and TACIS contracts to work with Siauliai University, Lithuania; University of Tartu, Estonia and Bishkek University, Kyrgyzstan to support their development of courses for teachers of pupils with SEN.
His research contracts have included investigations into the impact of the UK Code of Practice for SEN on pupils with epilepsy, development of the Multi Sensory Teaching of Reading Package and pupils' views of their classrooms and on good teachers of learners with dyslexia.
He has been a member of the Accreditation Board of the British Dyslexia Association for some years and latterly, Vice- and now Acting Chair of that Board. He has co-authored books on epilepsy and special educational needs and written numerous articles and book chapters mainly relating to the views and experiences of learners with dyslexia and their parents.
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