University of California San Francisco
Department of Clinical Pharmacy
Lisa Kroon Aracne editrice

Dr. Lisa Kroon is a professor and chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in the School of Pharmacy at the University of California in San Francisco. Dr. Kroon received her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan in 1994. She then completed two years of residency at UCSF: the Residency in General Practice and Residency in Hospital Pharmacy Administration and joined its faculty in 1996. She became a Certified Diabetes Educator in 1999.
She practices in the UCSF Diabetes Clinic, Diabetes Teaching Center, and Adult Primary Care Clinic, where she cares for people with diabetes and chronic illnesses.
Her current research interests include developing models of community pharmacy practice where pharmacists play an integral role in providing patient care; interprofessional education; colorectal cancer screening at the time of influenza vaccination in the community pharmacy setting; and tobacco cessation, including training of pharmacists and other health professionals using a comprehensive tobacco cessation curriculum.
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