Šibenik., 10/09/1948

Zdravi Grad – Healthy City Association
Željko Petrović Aracne editrice

1992: Initiated Centre for personal ecology and macrobiotics «Zdrava hrana». Inspired by own healing experience and insights, acquired knowledge and techniques, starts own education and exercise programs “Do In”, nutrition workshops, public lectures, starting writing in newspapers on health and life issues. One of the lecturers at the Aroma Academy in Split.
2002: Active member of the Split Healthy City Association, coordinator of the project Whole Health and Zdravko&Zdravka supported by Split City and Ministry of Social Welfare and Health.
2004: Member of the Split Healthy City Association Board of Directors. Marketing and advertising management for the Bulletin Zdravo Splite. Writing articles for Bulletin Zdravo Splite.
2007: Coordinator of the Education and Resource Centre for Social and Health Primary Prevention Programs in Radošić. Director of the International George Mateljan’s Centre for Excellence for Research and Promotion of the Healthy Mediterranean Diet in Split.
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