University of California Santa Barbara
Department of Religious Studies
Roger Friedland Aracne editrice

He is working on the question of institution as a religious phenomenon, as the creation of regimes of practice as conjoint orders of objectification and subjectification, regimes ordered around substances immanent within that practice, substances excessive to the senses and to reason.
He continues to work on the question of politicized religion — particularly their sexual preoccupations — in comparative perspective as a case through which to explore this approach.
Using survey research and interviews, he is also working on the relation between eroticism, love and religiosity among American university students. Together with Paolo Gardinali and John Mohr, they are exploring the institutional logic of love among young people.
And finally He continues to work on questions in political theory, and the implications of these politicized religious movements, for how we think about the erotic and love as they enter the public sphere. He is working with Colleen Windham on a book on this topic that will engage the work of Hannah Arendt and Giorgio Agamben among others.
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