Comune di Venezia
Ufficio Sito Unesco “Venezia e la sua Laguna”

Katia Basili was born in San Paolo (Brazil), she graduated as an architect at the University of Architecture of Venice (IUAV), with a specialization in Renaissance architecture and its links with mechanics and philosophy. She obtained a MA degree in Historical Combined Studies 1300-1650 at the Warburg Institute, London. She worked for some years in the field of interdisciplinary research with a focus on Renaissance architects and engineers, and participated in the Post-Lauream Course on GIS and Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage at the University of Pisa. On March 2013 she obtained a PhD in Cognitive Sciences and Advanced Training at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, with a thesis entitled Building the Management System of the World Heritage Site “Venice and its Lagoon” as a Learning Organization.
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