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Koustubh Ajit SUPRIYA KABE

Koustubh Ajit Supriya Kabe Aracne editrice

Koustubh Kabe is M.Sc. by Research in Theoretical Physics from Mumbai University. He has published A couple of papers in the fields of Blackhole Dynamics and Loop Quantum Gravity. In particular, he deals with the problem of time in classical and quantum gravity as well as in quantum mechanics. His key paper in addressing this issue is to appear shortly. He haspublished a book, titled “Blackhole Dynamic Potentials and Condensed Geometry: New Perspectives on Blackhole Dynamics and Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity”, with Lambert Akademik Verlag (LAP). He is currently interested apart from the abovementioned topics, in Geometric Analysis, Theoretical Astrophysics and Physical Cosmology as well as Physical Mathematics and Number Theory. Recently, he has taken interest in unifying String Theory with Loop Quantum Gravity by investigating Perturbative extensions of the latter, since string theory is perturbative in its very basic formulation and making a background independent non-perturbative formulation of string theory is indeed very difficult and gives rise to physical inconsistencies. He is also pursuing research in Algebraic Geometry.
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