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Raffaella SCELZI
Spinazzola, 18/05/1971

Raffaella Scelzi Aracne editrice

Raffaella Sclezi, PhD in Theory of language and science of signs with a research on Viral videos and its narration at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”. Confirmed Professor in English foreign language, at thesecondary high school, specialized [with a Public Competition] for teaching in support to disabled people and qualified as A.C. [with a Master Degree] in “Assistance to communication to deaf people”for teaching to deaf people. Author of several publications and essays in scientific journals and in scientific journals online, coauthor of a book Signs Of The Body–Ed Progedit, Bari adopted in a Courseof Sociolinguistics, Linguistics and Linguistic Computing at the Department LELIA at the University of Bari “ Aldo Moro”. Lecturer at several national and international conferences at the University of Bari: ADI I Convegno Dei Dottorandi E Dottori Di Ricerca Pugliesi “Dottorandi a lavoro, Efficacia sul territorio dello studio dei giovani ricercatori pugliesi” University of Bari “Aldo Moro”; VI annual ConferenceCODISCO 2012, “Animals, Humans, Machines: the Whereabouts of Language”, Animali, Umani, Machine, in Rome; Interdisciplinary–net VISIONS8, 8th Global Conference: “Visions of Humanityin Cyberculture, Cyberspace Cyberspace and Science Fiction”, 2013, Mansfield College in Oxford; Conference “Food as language”, New Bulgarian University EFSS (Early Fall Summer School) in Sozopol,Conference “Transmedia Literacy. From Storytelling to Intercreativity in the Era of Distributed Authorship” at IN3–Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcellona, Creating Cultures Conference, “About Culture, Media and Creative Industries”, 2014 King’s College in London.
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