Mosca, 01/02/1966
Haifa University
Oleg Kupervasser Aracne editrice

Kupervasser Oleg Yurevich, physicist, was born on February 01, 1966 in Moscow. He got his MSc at the Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation in 1989; the PhD, at Weizmann Institute of Science, Isral in 1999. He has a Certification in Bioinformatics (ATLAS College, 2002). He worked as scientist for Technion, in Haifa Israel, between 2005 and 2008; as Consultant of Rafael, Haifa, between 2005 and 2008; he worked at the Moscow State University between 2008 and 2010. He was been Algorithm Group Leader of Transas Group of Companies, in Moscow for the years 2011–2012 and he worked at LG Technology Center or Moscow in 2011; he is also Owner of Transist Video LLC, Skilkovo, Moscow in 2012. He awarded the following prizes: Skolkovo Project Participator Association, 2012; included in tne new 30th Pearl Anniversary Edition of “Marquis Who's Who in the World”, 2013. His achievements are: resolution of the basic paradoxes of physics; the pole solution in formation of Saffman–Taylor fingers and the flame front propagation; patent for a continuum solvent model: DISOLV program–algorithm, implementation and validation; research in visual–navigation algorithm; design of a server for decomposition of a protein structure on a set of closed loops. His avocation are the human history and the futurology.
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