University of Melbourne
Bruce Wilson Aracne editrice

Professor Bruce Wilson is Director of the European Union Centre at RMIT University, Co-Director of the PASCAL International Observatory and RMIT’s Director of Research for Regional Development at its Hamilton site in western Victoria. He was previously the founding Dean of the School of Global Studies, Social Sciences and Planning at RMIT University.
Through his research on formal and informal learning networks and their importance in economic, social and public innovation in city-regions, Bruce was leader of RMIT’s involvement in the major European project on ‘City-Regions as Intelligent Territories: Inclusion, Competitiveness and Learning’ (2003-07). As Co-Director of the PASCAL International Observatory, Bruce helps to link an international network of researchers and policy makers with city and regional governments in policy formation related to social and economic policy, lifelong learning and environment. Currently, he is engaged in projects addressing the importance of knowledge in urban and regional development. He has led projects on social inclusion and cohesion, innovation, learning, organisational and work design, and social and economic development, involving collaboration amongst public, private and community sector organisations.
He teaches courses on transforming organisations, economic and regional development, and European Union issues. He also supervises doctoral candidates in these areas.
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