Ulrich STEGE

Ulrich Stege Aracne editrice

Ulrich Stege is an International University College of Turin Faculty Member and Director of the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic. Ulrich Stege is a qualified lawyer who practices in immigration law. He studied law in Germany, France and Belgium, holds the First and Second German State Exams and a Certificate in European Law on immigration and asylum from the ODYSSEUS Academic Network (Belgium). Since several years, he is acting as speaker and expert in different conferences and international expert groups (on Migration Law, Clinical Legal Education, Detention etc.). He is founding and board member of the ENCLE (European Network for Clinical Legal Education) and member of the ASGI (Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione), GAJE (Global Alliance for Justice Education) and the Migration Law Network (Germany).
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