Slobodan K. SIMIĆ
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU)
Matematički Institut SANU
Slobodan K. Simić Aracne editrice

Slobodan Simic is born in Belgrade (Serbia), in 1948. Received B.Sc. degree in Electronics, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Mathematics (all at Faculty of Eectrical Engineering in Belgrade).
Since 1973 worked at Department of Mathematics at Faculty Electrical Engineering and several years at Maritime Faculty in Kotor (Montenegro). Since 2006 is the senior research professor at Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
His main fields of interests belong to discrete mathematics: combinatorcs, combinatorial optimization and graph theory (with main focus on spectral graph theory).
So far has published about 150 research papers on mathematics (out of them more than 100 are on spectral graph theory). He is also a coauthor of three distinguished books on spectral graph theory (all published by Cambridge University Press).
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