Said Vakkas GÖZLÜGÖL
Hacettepe University
Said Vakkas Gözlügöl Aracne editrice

Said Vakkas Gözlügöl graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1988, had a Master’s Degree in the field of Public Law in 1992, and a Ph.D in the field of International Human Rights Law in 1997. He worked as district governor, full governor, and as Head of the Centre for Research and Study in the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey. He has two published books under the title of the European Convention on Human Rights and its Effects on the Turkish National Law (in Turkish, 2002), and the European Human Rights Law (in Turkish, 2014), and many articles. Currently, he works as a Central Governor in the Ministry, and gives lectures in universities and public institutions, and continues to further the study and research in International Public Law, International Human Rights Law, and the European Human Rights Law.
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