University of Malta
Irene Sciriha Aquilina Aracne editrice

Irene Sciriha graduated BSc mathematics/physics, MSc (University of Malta) and PhD in Graphs/Linear Algebra (University of Reading (UK)). She lectures at the University of Malta and is currently professor of mathematics, teaching mainly algebra and the spectra of graphs. She publishes regularly in the areas of her research interests in abstract algebra, which extend to spectral graph theory, computer science, molecular chemistry and the social sciences.
She is also an associate editor for international peer-reviewed journals, Graph Theory Notes of New York, Versita of the De Gruyter publishing group and ISRN Discrete Math, in particular.
She is also a referee for international journals including the Elsevier and Taylor & Francis World Scientific and Engineering Academy and the American Mathematical Society have appointed her as a reviewer of published papers.
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