Fordham University
Department of Economics
Fred Campano Aracne editrice

Fred Campano began his career as an economist in 1967 when he was appointed by the United Nations to the Economics Projections Section of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. He remained in that capacity until he retired from the UN in 1996. During that period he was promoted to Senior Economics Affairs officer and he became the chief of the Economics Projections Section (1987-1996). Among some of the eminent economists he had the opportunity to work with at the UN were Jan Tinbergen who was the Chairman of the Committee for Development Programming, Vassily Leontiev who supervised a joint project between the UN and New York University which modeled environmental concerns in world production, and Lawrence R. Klein who instituted a short-term economic forecasting program into the work of the UN. While working at the UN full-time, Campano taught in Fordham’s Graduate Business Program (1980 – 2000) as an adjunct. In the fall of 2000 he was hired by Fordham’s Economics as a lecturer, where he remains today.
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