University of Saint Andrews
School of Modern Languages
Derek Duncan Aracne editrice

My research focuses mainly on modern Italian literature and film with a particular emphasis on issues of sexuality, gender, and colonial/postcolonial Italy. I am particularly interested in texts which explore the intersection of identities grounded in constructions of sexuality/gender and of race/ethnicity. I draw extensively on Queer Theory and Postcolonial Theory and am interested in the issues of transcultural interpretation they raise when they move into the Italian context. My current project is a book on films dealing with migration to Italy and I am also working on a project which looks at constructions of race in Italy. Further areas of specialism are: cultural identity; memory; self-representation; cultural geographies, transnational identities. My teaching in Italian reflects my research interests and I also contribute to the degree in Comparative Literature.
I am founding Senior Editor of the Cultural Studies issue of the long-established journal Italian Studies. The first issue was published in 2009.
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