Kakatiya University
Department of Sociology
Rajeshwar Mittapalli Aracne editrice

Rajeshwar Mittapalli is Professor of English in Kakatiya University, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. His published works of criticism include The Novels of Wole Soyinka, and Indian Women Novelists and Psychoanalysis. He edited the New Delhi based quarterly the Atlantic Literary Review for six years, apart from co-editing with European and Indian scholars 24 anthologies of critical essays on a variety of literary subjects. "Postcolonial Indian Fiction in English and Masculinity," co-edited by Letizia Alterno, University of Manchester, UK, has been released recently in New Delhi (2009). His 45 articles, published in India, USA, Spain, Hong Kong, South Africa and elsewhere in the world, have been frequently anthologized. He has translated and published many Telugu poems in English apart from the short stories of such well known Telugu literary figures as Vasireddy Seeta Devi, Munipalle Raju, Naveen and B.S. Ramulu. He visited many countries on scholarly pursuits.
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