Wai-ning MEI
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Department of Physics
Wai-ning Mei Aracne editrice

Wai-ning Me is Professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha.
He has author of most article and scientific and physical researches.
His interests include: surface structure determination, multiple-scattering analysis of the low-energy electron diffraction and photoemission spectra, neutron scattering from flux lattice in the type-II superconductors, lattice dynamics of long chain polymers, first-principle total-energy electronic structure calculations of the half-metal, transition and rare-earth metal surfaces, nanostructurally designed materials, high-dielectric constant, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials, rotation and vibration spectra of the adsorbed molecules, molecular dynamics studies of alkali halides, metal oxides, and molecular solids, and applying variational method to the anharmonic, weakly, tightly bounded, and double-well potentials. Specific computation techniques include dynamical multiple scattering method, lattice dynamics, molecular dynamics, and first-principle full-potential linear-augment-plane-wave (FLAPW) method. Experienced with codes such as Materials Studio, VASP, WIEN2k, Gaussian, Abinit, SIESTA, SMEAGOL, NRLMOL, and self-consistent atomic deformation (SCAD) method combined with the SMODES symmetry-analysis software packages
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