Giovanni Maria MEROLA

Giovanni Maria Merola Aracne editrice

Giovanni Maria Merola, is Assistant Professor at RMIT University Vietnam located in Ho Chi Minh City. PhD in Statistics at University of Waterloo, Canada. He taught Statistics at Universistat Politecnica de Catalunya. Later he moved to the methodology department of the Italian Statistical Office (ISTAT) in Rome, Italy. He continued his work in methodology and software development in the area of privacy protection at the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) in London. After this experience he moved at one of the largest UK Hedge Funds, Winton Capital, to do research on systematic trading of Futures. Dr Merola published several papers in different areas of Statistics and is actively carrying out research now. His areas of expertise are Experimental Design,Multivariate Linear models with Dimensionality Reduction, Statistical Process Control. He is currently working in the area of Income and Living condition estimation in Developing Countries, with focus on the South EastAsia region.
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