Academicus International Scientific Journal
Arta Musaraj Aracne editrice

Arta Musaraj is the founder and editor-in-chief of Academicus, an academic journal published in English in Albania, and general coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Training Center, an initiative of Southeast Europe Enterprise Development, International Finance Corporation, and the World Bank. Since 1996, she has been lecturer in Business Administration and Communication at several universities.
According to INA - News, "she has been the first female rector in the whole history of higher education in Albania". Protagonist of Vlore City 2010 awarded by the Municipality of Vlora. Gratitude of Vlora City awarded by the Municipality of Vlora in 2012, after receiving the award "The Name in Science 2012" by the Socrates Committee Oxford, UK.
Since January 30, 2013, Musaraj is Deputy Defence Minister of the Republic of Albania.
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