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Yuksel ERSOY

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Yuksel Ersoy Aracne editrice

Yüksel Ersoy was graduated from the School of Law of the University of Ankara in the academic year 1958-1959.
The same year he won a competitive examination organised by the Turkish Ministry of Justice to continue his post-graduate studies in Italy. After attending the Università Italiana per Stranieri at Perugia (Italy) to learn the Italian language (his first foreign language was French which he had studied during his whole school life), he started the School of Law of the University of Rome to obtain first the Italian Laurea in Giurisprudenza and then to specialize in public law until 1964.
During his stay in Italy he worked for three years and a half first at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and then at the Italian Radio-Television (RAI) as a translator-speaker for radio transmissions in Turkish language.
While in Italy he began to learn English by attending courses there and then in 1963 for a period of four months in England.
In 1964 he returned to Turkey and worked in quality of trainee judge at the Ministry of Justice. He completed his military service as an army officer at the Juridical Affairs Department of the Ministry of Defense between 1965-1966.
In 1966 he was appointed to be an assistant at the School of Political Science of the University of Ankara. In 1967 and 1969 he returned to Italy for long stays with fellowships offered by the Italian Government to conduct research for his associate professorship. Each time he returned to Ankara to his previous position.
In 1971 he became associate professor and published a book on the "Freedom of Labour". Apart from this book he published several other books as well as articles in different local and foreign juridical reviews.
From 1968 to 1972 he was also part-time professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Hacettepe teaching the subjects of Criminal Sociology and Introduction to Principles of Law. He taught two additional courses in the same university at the departments of Social Services and Economy. He taught law subjects also at the Police Academy from 1970 until 1985.
In June 1975 he received a six month scholarship from the American Research Institute in Turkey to conduct research on international law at the School of Law of the University of California in Berkeley.
Back in Turkey, he presented a research project on a matter of international law and won another scholarship through the Fulbright Foundation in March 1978. Thus, he went to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville where he stayed one year doing his research at the School of Law.
Upon his return to Turkey in March 1979 he resumed his previous teaching position as part-time associate professor at the School of Political Science of the University of Ankara, where, after an absence of three years between 1986 and 1989 during which he practiced full-time the legal profession, he returned to the University, received his full professorship title and continued to teach until he obtained the retirement in February 2003.
In May 1975 he received the honorary title of Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana by the Italian President Giovanni Leone for his activities in academic, social and professional fields and for my efforts to improve the friendship and cultural relations between the two countries. In 1985 he was conferred the honorary title of Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana from the Italian President Sandro Pertini for the same reasons as the previous one. In 1992 he was conferred the honorary title of Cavaliere Commendatore dell'Ordine di San Gregorio Magno by the Pope John Paul II in relation with the support and assistance given to the Church in legal matters. In 1994 he was conferred the honorary title of Commendatore from the Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro in consideration of special merits.
He still teaches at the Law School of the Bilkent University in Ankara the subject of International Commercial Arbitration and at the Banking and Commercial Law Institute of Ankara a post-graduate course on Lawyer-Engineer relationship in contracts for work.
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