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Charlie ZEIDAN

Charlie Zeidan Aracne editrice

Was born in Beit Jala, Palestine, a small town near Bethlehem, in 1981. His studying background is mainly at Sociology and Human Development. His professional experience started as a Councillor for Palestinian Refugees children, in the southern part of West Bank. After receiving Master in Human Development, Culture of Peace and International Cooperation, from the University of Florence, Faculty of Sciences of Education, he started to work with the Italian NGO VIS, based in Palestine as a Project Coordinator, working on the development of agricultural lands, located next to the wall, in the southern part of West Bank. Actually, he is Community Development Officer at the international NGO World Vision, in-charge of the develop-ment program and working on the development of the education, health and protection of children, in the most marginalized communities in the southern part of West Bank. In addition to the above, he is working as a trainer on several topics such as: advanced communication skills, management skills, project cycle management PCM and drama for children.
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